Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ami Blackford
Quest for the Dragon Stone - A Duncan Family Adventure

Nothing has brought me more pleasure than watching my dream of writing & illustrating children's books come to fruition. I have always been a writer first - Ruth Duncan leapt from my mind and onto the page in t
he form of a short story.

It all began with Ruth

and the Relic Wheel.

(Here I experimented with drawing on real stone!)

Then- along came David to seal the deal.

(David was added to the book after a bit of market research concluded that boys would respond better if a male character was added. I am thrilled to have David with us - it wouldn't be the same without him!)

Hence-I am one happy author/illustrator to see my dream made real.

(This is only the beginning for me. The Duncan Family Adventures will hopefully have many pages ahead. Hats Off to Red Cygnet for seeking new talent....I know I'm not complaining!)

Justin Parpan (Gwango's Lonesome Trail)

This blog will be an ongoing production diary by the authors and publishers at Red Cygnet Press—a brand new children’s publisher which gives young authors the chance to be published by the time they graduate college.

My own book, Gwango’s Lonesome Trail was one of twelve titles chosen. Getting my first book published has been a real thrill, and like all the other Red Cygnet authors and publishers, I can’t wait to start posting about my experiences.

Since we are the makers of children’s books, and most of us are illustrators, I thought a swell way to start things off would be to demonstrate, through pictures, what this blog is all about.

So without further adieux, I present Gwango!

In the winter of 2005 I drew the first image of Gwango.

A few months later, the story is written, along with the first completed illustration.

The summer of 2006, Gwango’s Lonesome Trail is published.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Test--Aug 29, 2006