Sunday, October 08, 2006

Debut Weekend - Quest for the Dragon Stone

You've created a polished manuscript. You've toiled over the drafting board, and created some fine pieces of illustration. You've even managed to get your work published! Now the time has come to clean up the studio, put on your best smile and return to the outside world.

It's time to promote your masterpiece.

This has been an amazing weekend for me and my book. To read and see the response from my audience has been nothing short of incredible! Kids ranging from age 3-18, both boys & girls LOVED Quest for the Dragon Stone. They were interested in how I created the artwork and really engaged me in some interesting conversations. I had fun things to stimulate them visually and tactile artifacts for them to touch.

If this is considered work - pinch me now, I am dreaming.
Please enjoy the slides from my Magbeology Sessions. Stay tuned - there will be more to come......

Ami Blackford
Creative Engineer
Society of Magbeology

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Blogger Shara said...

Hi Red, I want to introduce you to

3:29 PM  
Blogger Kevin Tong said...

Ami, I'm so happy for you. I feel the same way, but I can imagine you're feeling it so real right now. What kind of publicity are you doing?
I wish more people would leave blogs and commens so we could see how everyone else is doing.


12:21 PM  
Anonymous Magbeologist said...

I am going out and introducing myself to local places and telling them I'd like to come in and read.
I've designed props to go with the book, activities for the kids and I wear a costume. Then, I bring books (which Red Cygnet will send you on consignment) and organize a book selling/signing. Also, I design small 8.5 X 11 poster advertising the time and date of the reading, put it in a clear poster stand and leave a book for people to look at (like a week before your event).

You've got to be really proactive and get yourself out there. Then, develop an engaging production around the theme of your book.

Email me and we can discuss this further. I wish more RCP authors would participate in the blog too -hopefully they will:o)

I will be glad to help brainstorm ideas with you to get you up and running in the promotions area.

Ami B.

3:29 AM  

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